Agriculte & Food Supply

Petro Nika is a global provider of agricultural, food and affiliate products. Our exceptional network allows for an optimized flow of products into global markets. 

What We Offer?

Our team of experts has in-depth insights about all regional requirements, customs, standards, regulations, supply and demand statistics, as well as pricing. Some of Petro Nika’s agricultural products include:

Agriculture Development

Petro Nika has a global involvement in agricultural development. We have the capability to innovate and develop new agricultural systems and facilities with modern technologies resulting in reduced production time, increased efficiency, decreased environmental impact and maximum profitability.

In addition, Petro Nika develops and invests in providing agricultural production necessities such as:

  • Farmland Development and Preparation
  • Equipment and Machinery (Planting, Fertilizing, Harvesting)
  • Farm buildings and Farm Houses
  • Silos, Barns, Green Houses, Ranches, Stables
  • Grinding Mills, Tower Mills, Wind Mills, Water Mills
  • Farmhouse Temperature Management Systems.

Expantion & production growth

Petro Nika is proud to overcome the greatest challenges in agricultural production increase, and expansion. Our organization has access to an extraordinary network of agriculture production and distribution, and as a result is capable of satisfying the ever growing needs of agricultural and food production. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Attracting and Negotiating with Investors
  • Attracting and Negotiating with Product Purchasers
  • Conversion of non agricultural land use to agricultural use
  • Farmland development and preparation
  • Implementing innovative technology to increase production capacity
  • Implementing Crop-Protection Systems
  • Supply of Seeds
  • Supply of Farmland Water
  • Supply of Machinery and Farm Fuel

Cattle and Animal requirements such as food and medicine.

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