Systems, Machinery and Equipment

Petro Nika has expertise in global supply chain management (GSCM), which proudly provides services through a global network, resulting in maximum profit and minimum cost.

What We Offer?

Petro Nika concentrates on five main phases consisting of development, production, supply management, operation monitoring and shipping management. We are capable of inventing, developing, producing, and distributing unique products as well as new systems in order to satisfy every client’s needs.

Electronic Systems

Petro Nika provides electronic systems for various industries. Our expertise in electrical engineering, testing, measurement, innovation and distribution is well known globally. Some of these electronic systems include:

  • Advanced computer hardware
  • Engine electronics and sensors
  • Robotics
  • Automation systems
  • Sonar systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Solar-powered systems

Industrial and Heavy Machinery

Petro Nika develops, engineers, produces, purchases, and transports heavy machinery and equipment. These heavy equipment include industrial machinery, farming machinery, construction machinery, and heavy transportation vehicles. Our professional teams, alongside our partners and affiliates, continuously monitor, upgrade, and optimize the machinery. This allows us to minimize costs and production time, increase machine lifetime, reduce shipping time and improve production efficiency.

In addition, Petro Nika has expertise in overcoming the greatest challenges of exporting, and importing heavy machinery. Our team of experts helps clients in reduction of shipping errors, preventing large damages, as well as avoiding downtimes and lost opportunity.

Health Care and Medical Supplies

Petro Nika is capable of providing premium quality healthcare and medical supplies. We proudly provide supplies to both governmental and private health care institutions, from small clinics to the largest hospitals in the world. The products include medications, derivative drugs, surgical equipment, health clinic equipment, hospital equipment, dental equipment, medical imagery, and radiology equipment.

    Repair & Maintenance

    All the mentioned categories and products in Petro Nika’s supply and distribution system come with professional support, as well as repair and maintenance services. Partner satisfaction and customer support is Petro Nika’s main priority. We provide quality service all over the world in order to minimize supply and production disruptions. This is achieved by having expert technicians ready to provide services round-the-clock; furthermore we provide fast shipping of replacement products, parts and equipment.

    Leasing Services 

    Petro Nika practices substantial investing in the purchase, storage and shipment of equipment and heavy machinery. This has allowed Petro Nika to be able to lease its owned equipment and heavy machinery to the organizations in need. Our expert team assists clients by providing the lowest prices, fast shipping, financial aids as well as repair and maintenance support. Some of Petro Nika’s leasable equipment and machinery include:

    • Medical and surgical equipment
    • Transportation vehicles, machinery and equipment
    • Construction / Development machinery and vehicles
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Forestry machinery
    • Industrial / Manufacturing machinery and equipment.

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