Energy Industry

Petro Nika is proud to have an extensive global network of companies and partners who supply the most reliable, high-quality petroleum and natural gas products all around the world.

What We Offer?

Petro Nika is proud to have an extensive global network of companies and partners who supply the most reliable, high-quality petroleum and natural gas products all around the world.

Petroleum & Crude Oil

Petro Nika has a large engagement in the production and distribution of petroleum and its derivatives. Our engagement in the oil industry involves producing, refining, exploring, blending, storing, and distributing petroleum products. These derivatives and products include crude oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricants, heating oil, and Bitumen (asphalt).

Petro Nika manages its petroleum supply by developing facilities, contracting suppliers, and purchasing fuel from producers and refineries. We are capable of satisfying the demands of both industrial and commercial organizations.

Natural Gas

Petro Nika is entitled to a large share of the natural gas distribution and has a substantial involvement in natural gas production. Petro Nika manages and operates all stages of natural gas supply from locating gas wells, site development, drilling, extraction, processing, storage, and distribution. Our establishment provides numerous regions with natural gas products, with the help of our reputable network of distribution and transportation pipelines.


Petro Nika has expertise in petrochemistry and oil refining, and supplies a wide range of petrochemical products. These products are derived from petroleum, fossil fuels, coal, and natural gas. Petro Nika’s practices are essential for the regional economy and production networks. Thousands of manufacturers around the world take advantage of Petro Nika’s petrochemical supply, including plastic producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetic suppliers. Some of the petrochemical products distributed by Petro Nika are:


  • Methanol: Utilized in building construction and thermal insulation production.
  • Benzene: Utilized in production of food packaging, medicines, furniture and electronics.
  • Toluene: Used in sport equipment and inks.
  • Ethylene: Utilized in the production of paper, footwear, adhesives and detergents.
  • Propylene: Utilized in paint, cloth and woven fabric, pharmaceutical and food packaging production.

Renewable Energy

Petro Nika is a regional leader in renewable energy production and distribution. Our organization considers environmental impact as one of our main priorities. As a result we practice investing, developing as well as coordinating the production and distribution of renewable energy all around the world. Our establishment is capable of providing essential machinery and developing facilities as well as creating distribution networks. In addition, we monitor manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy machinery and equipment. Petro Nika’s sources of renewable energy include:

Refinery, Facility and Site Development   

Petro Nika has the capacity to provide petroleum refineries with 6000 oil barrels per day, which fulfills the most essential segment of the operation. This substantial supply capacity encourages investors to develop new and modern refinery facilities in various regions. Petro Nika’s priority is supplying raw material to petroleum refinery facilities. This allows us to enter into negotiations with the leading governments and private investors all around the world. We are capable of planning, designing, developing and constructing refinery facilities, as well as providing worldwide assistance and cooperation with other refinery developers.

In addition to refinery facilities, Petro Nika is engaged in development and operation of oil and natural gas wells, extraction sites, petrochemical facilities, laboratories and exploration sites.

Machinery, Equipment & System Integration

Petro Nika is capable of providing energy production sites and exploration facilities with all of their machinery, system integration and equipment needs. Our organization has the capacity to develop, purchase, transport, install and maintain the necessary machinery and equipment. Some of these products include:


  • Wireline products and equipment
  • Drilling products and equipment
  • Liner hanger and multiLateral systems
  • Turbines
  • Subsea production systems
  • Pumps, valves, piping systems and tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Gas process and gas treating plants
  • Storage tanks

Overcoming Challenges 
in Every Sector

Petro Nika prospers by partnerships and affiliations with both governmental and private sectors. Our organization has a substantial capacity to overcome extraordinary challenges as a result of its reputation, credibility, and capability.

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