Urban Development

Petro Nika specializes in urban development and design of land use. This includes environmental design, infrastructure development, transportation engineering, communications and distribution networks. This extraordinary capability is a result of significant partnerships, licensing, permit issuing, and regional authorizations.

What We Offer?

Petro Nika overcomes these challenges thanks to its reliability, reputation, and credibility. We carry out all stages of development, including feasibility, planning, contracting, supervision, management and monitoring.

Telecommunication Development

Petro Nika has expertise in telecommunication systems, including wired, radio, optical and electromagnetic systems. Some of the products we provide are Radar, Antenna, Radio, Sonar systems, wide area networks, as well as telecommunication hardware and software. These systems have the capacity to be operated by both governmental and private agencies. We are additionally capable of developing safeguards against network outages and disruptions.

Petro Nika manages its petroleum supply by developing facilities, contracting suppliers, and purchasing fuel from producers and refineries. We are capable of satisfying the demands of both industrial and commercial organizations.

Waste Recycling and Disposal

Petro Nika is entitled to a large share of the natural gas distribution and has a substantial involvement in natural gas production. Petro Nika manages and operates all stages of natural gas supply from locating gas wells, site development, drilling, extraction, processing, storage, and distribution. Our establishment provides numerous regions with natural gas products, with the help of our reputable network of distribution and transportation pipelines.

Infrastructure Development

Petro Nika is capable of developing various types of infrastructure such as residential, commercial, industrial and governmental buildings. Furthermore, we have the capacity to develop infrastructures for numerous applications such as social, cultural, educational, environmental and recreational purposes as well as water supply, emergency services and law enforcement facilities.

Exhibition Development

Petro Nika has proficiency in planning, developing and holding large exhibitions. We offer exhibition management services such as planning, contracting, promoting, designing floor plans, handling logistics as well as hiring security and surveillance services.

Our team of experts carefully defines the target audience and performs detailed research in order to develop the right exhibition content. Furthermore our team manages the event’s graphic design, entertainment planning, scheduling and budget control.

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