What is EPCF?

Petro Nika proudly manages and operates at all development stages, including engineering, procurement, construction and financing (EPCF). This substantial capability is achieved by having access to an extraordinary network of engineers, contractors and developers.


Petro Nika specializes in engineering science and technology. We have a remarkable team of engineers, operating in various branches of engineering. Our science and technology department is responsible for:


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil engineering.


Petro Nika’s team of experts plans development projects by determining the scope and viability. Our professionals provide a detailed forecast of budget estimates, project schedules, as well as resource requirements. 

We perform expert planning in order to minimize environmental impacts, increase efficiency, optimize management, reduce execution time, and minimize budget spend.

Construction Management

Petro Nika provides construction management and project execution. We monitor the operation very closely to make sure the initial design criteria is satisfied. 

In addition, our team of experts oversees safety and risk management, budget spending, schedule compliance, as well as human resource and contractor management. Petro Nika’s team delivers project inspections, progress monitoring, quality control, contract administration, daily reports, proposal assessment, project commissioning, risk assessment, as well as enforcing worksite safety.

    Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance

    Petro Nika offers post-development services and management, including infrastructure repair and maintenance.

    Our organization maintains a wide range of infrastructures globally, including buildings, roads, bridges, power plants, airports, extraction sites, and diverse facilities.

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